6 Thoughts on Clary Sage and Inducing Labour

clary sage.jpeg

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about clary sage essential oil and inducing labour, so thought I’d write my current thoughts on the subject!

I want to say that FIRSTLY, babies come when they are ready!

Studies have shown that they come when their lungs are ready. At the point their lungs have matured, they then release a protein which triggers labour.

But for many of us, we will try a manner of things to encourage baby to come, and avoid a more medical induced approach.

So here’s what I know currently about clary sage and labour.....

1. Clary sage is a variety of the sage herb which has oestrogen regulating and stimulating properties. This is because it’s chemical structure is similar to that of oestrogen.

2. It has been long used for women with menstruation pains.

3. It is thought to have a stimulating effect on the uterus, therefore it NOT advised before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

4. You can use it through:

*an essential oil diffuser.
*add it as a base or a massage oil such as coconut, sunflower, or baby oil. *dab it on a tissue and put on the radiator. 
*Use it as a bath tonic by putting a few drops in an egg cup of milk (helps diffuse the drops better, so they don’t just sit in the top of the bath) and add to the bath.

5. Limited studies done but one study has been done by midwives which found that it helped reduced pain and anxiety in labour.

6. It is thought to help boost oxytocin and therefore contractions. And is thought to help speed things up if labour is slowing down.

So there’s my thoughts...

Just remember... baby comes when it’s ready, this is a potential natural encouragement.