"Everyone I met was telling me that birth was painful, traumatic, and one of the worst experiences I will have"

I initially heard of Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first baby. Like most mothers-to-be, I had been bombarded with negative stories about people's birthing experiences from all aspects of my life. Everyone I met was telling me that birth was painful, traumatic, and one of the worst experiences I will have. As you can imagine, I was terrified! 

I was initially a big sceptic when I heard the term "Hypnobirthing", and assumed that only tree hugging women would be interested in this approach. It wasn't until I spoke to a friend who is a Midwife who changed my opinion about Hypnobirthing. As a result, Google and Youtube were immediately consulted and I quickly learnt the true positive impact that it can have on the birthing experience. So I took my chances, and went on a course with my husband. Following this, I have gone on to have two really positive birthing experiences, both natural, calm, and in control. 

Having seen the incredible impact it has had in my labours and in those I have introduced Hypnobirthing to, I have taken the step to support others as I want to bring value to other people and empower them to release all fears and have the tools to have the best birth possible on the day their baby arrives. As a result, I am now a fully qualified hypnobirthing teacher with KGHypnobirthing and am now a member of the Hypnobirthing Association, and earned a Diploma in KGHypnobirthing. I additionally hold a Bachelors Degree in Law and Sociology and a Masters in Social Work. 

I have lived in Glasgow for 8 years, and am married with two boys, I am also a qualified Social Worker, and have been involved in the life of disadvantaged children and families for over a decade. I'm passionate throughout what I do in helping, supporting and empowering others. The techniques that I will teach you will give you the tools to have the positive, empowering, and calm birth that you want. I can't wait to help others discover the significant impact hypnobirthing can have, especially in such a special part of their lives. Its a real privilege.